Creepella Von Cacklefur, Geronimo’s friend, has to write an article for the ‘Shivery news’.  She decides it to name it ‘The Secret Life of the ghosts of the mysterious valley’. But to complete the article, she needs info about ghosts. With the advice of her grandfather, grandpa Frankenstein, Creepella, her niece Shivereen and her pet bat Bitening set off to Squeakspeare mansion to look for ghosts. In the garden, they meet Billy Squeakspeare, who has the only key to the house, having inherited the house from his great-great uncle William Squeakspeare. But he is unable to enter the house as something keeps him pushing him back out! With the Von Cacklefur’s help, he gets inside the house to a series of strange rooms such as the ‘Dizzy Room’ and ‘Linen Closet’.

Billy even finds a wardrobe with a secret passage leading to the basement! In the basement, they are faced by a maze leading to the linen closet. When they get to the linen closet, they notice a table surrounded with several chairs and a sheet that comes over them. The sheet glows, as if someone who radiates light is sitting on the chair under the sheet. Convinced that there are ghosts under the sheet, Creepella throws the sheet back …..

Book Review by — Anant Dimri, Class VII, DPS Vasant Kunj

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