We all know that trees are special. But not all of them lead to different magical lands every week. Joe, Beth and Frannie have a wonderful secret nestled deep within the trees of the Enchanted Forest, that go ‘wisha-wisha-wisha’. In the middle of this forest grows the Faraway Tree, home to the world’s most amazing people. And every day the three siblings go to the Faraway Tree to meet their friends and all is well … but there is a twist in the tale.

Curious Connie has landed up with Joe, Beth and Frannie for the holidays and is still her usual stuck-up self. Determined to bring an end to this the children decide to introduce her to the wonders of the Faraway Tree. Will Curious Connie change?

Join the children and their friends-the ever cheerful Moon face, sensitive saucepan man and the kind and beautiful fairy Silky, as they visit different lands every week.

So grab your bags and trekking shoes as you delve into this Enid Blyton number with trips to the Land of Treats, Lands of Secrets and many more mystical destinations.

Book Review by by Arshia Girotra

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