How The Squizzle World children magazines became the favorite magazine for kids?

Children Magazines – Ever since its launch at the start of 2018, The Squizzle World has become the favorite children magazines and enjoyed across the country. The Squizzle World is made from the compilation of Squirrel and Puzzle.  When it comes to problem-solving, squirrels have been found to have the best memory. They can solve problems which they might not have come across for years but once did. They can further apply these skills to solve absolutely new problems and situations. Taking its inspiration from these tiny creatures, The Squizzle World helps students improve their problem-solving skills through quizzes and puzzles. Let’s have a look at various quizzes that the magazine has to offer the kids:

Below are some best content of The Squizzle World children magazines


Puzzles and activities that force the mind to think and work have numerous benefits. A reward hormone Dopamine is released when a child is exposed to puzzles and riddles. This hormone is responsible for developing all the critical skills in a human body like decision-making capacity, analytical skill, the presence of mind, logical interpretation and cognitive skills. Apart from this concentration and attention is a requisite for a child to excel in his/her respective fields. Spending some time in solving puzzles and riddle every day will increase your kid’s attention power to many folds and indirectly it will help to excel in academic fields.

The main advantage of puzzles and other such activities is that children feel a sense of joy and happiness when spending time in these activities. This will make them to also indirectly use their free and play time for their betterment.

Book ReviewBook Review

In every issue, we suggest a book that kids should read and provide a glimpse of its content. This is aimed to develop the reading habit in kids which is a must for sound education. Our book reviews are mostly written by students who share their take on the book and inspire others. The books that are specified in the review will be suitable for kids in the age group 8 to 13 years old.

Crisscross PuzzlesPuzzle2

Not just the normal crisscross puzzle that you find in a newspaper but this one comes with a nice article to be read by kids before they proceed to the puzzle. This helps them improve their reading comprehension and paying attention to the small points that one generally overlooks while reading.

Phrases and IdiomsPhrase Idioms

We provide some unique phrases that one uses in normal conversation and students might find difficult to connect with. Their meaning, usage, and pictures are provided for long-term retention just like the squirrel. Understanding Idiosyncrasy is a milestone in language mastering journey. An idiosyncrasy is a group of words that as a sentence dictate different meaning but when as such reflects another meaning. These can be interpreted from idioms which are the highest form of idiosyncrasy with messages that can be useful in one’s daily life.

Magic SquareMagic Square

Learning and mastering mathematics is a skill that has to develop right from childhood. Learning this hectic yet important subject can be a tedious task but when learning is combined with playing them it can become a lot easier.  This exercise is mainly to improve the mathematical ability of students through games. In a square grid, each row and column add to a particular number, say 15. Some of the numbers are missing and students are supposed to find the numbers through various permutation and combinations. The level of these puzzles is kept ideal for kids between the age of 2- 12. A solved example is shown for their easy reference.

Pattern SearchPattern Search

As a children’s magazine, The Squizzle World is keen on improving a child’s attention and concentration power. Pattern search is a kind of exercise that makes your kid search a given pattern from a pool of available similar images or pattern. Searching for a particular pattern from a group of a similar pattern requires a great concentration power and periodically engaging in these activities will bring in an incredible change in the child.

Word SearchWord Search Animal

Just similar to pattern search, a word search is an activity where a riddle will be asked and its respective answer will be hidden in a group of crosswords. Finding the exact pattern of words requires a strong hold on English vocabulary and also a strong sense of concentration. Spending in these kinds of multi provoking activities will develop a child’s analytical and critical thinking ability. Apart from these aspects ‘word search’ also plays an important role to enhance a young kid’s memory power and linguistic abilities.

Puzzle GridPuzzle Grid

Jig-Saw puzzle is generally considered as the king of puzzles. Rather than being just a gaming tool, Jig-Saw puzzles have now emerged to be one of the most vital game to develop a child’s cognitive ability. Many scientific researchers have stated that spending some time with puzzle grid will secrete a hormone in a child’s brain called as the dopamine which is responsible for developing the overall neural growth of a kid.

Word GamesWord Game

It’s a kind of forming the right words for the pictures shown in the game. Some words are already filled in for easy reference. The game increases the vocabulary by leaps and bounds as kids start looking for new words and their meanings. The retention of the words also increases as their application is involved unlike the traditional way of teaching where just the word and their meaning is provided.

Jumble Letters and AnagramJumble Letters

The Squizzle World focuses on the overall improvement of a kid, communication skill is undoubtedly one of an important factor in a child’s development. The linguistic skill of a child can be groomed well by using meaning full and strong vocabularies. These integrated activities will also instigate a liking towards the language in the child.


Children magazines provide a nice labyrinth for kids to solve and has been loved by kids. Research has shown the academic and motor skills benefits that solving labyrinth provides. The problem-solving skills through labyrinth increase the thinking speed of kids which helps them in many areas of life.

Who Lives Where?Who Lives Where

The importance of being aware of our nature and surrounding environment can never be further stressed. The flora and fauna are a part of this living being and indirectly play a vital role in completing the food chain and life cycle. The children magazines provide you with a quiz section which asks you to match the plant and animal species and its habitat. It will let you connect with the animals and their living arena. The interesting part of the quiz is that it frames its questions like which of the following animals share the same habitat. This will also give the child the idea of herbivores, carnivores, tropical and polar animals.

Identifying the CountryIdentifying the Country

Geography is one of the main section through which a child’s social awareness can be groomed. Countries and the schematics of the world map are difficult to master and through interesting quizzes and puzzles, it will become easy for children to get to know about different countries and their position in the world map. The Squizzle World identify the country task is designed at an angle to provide exposure to kids about the same.

Pigpen SpuzzlePigpen Spuzzle

How could the magazine ever be complete without a cryptic code based puzzle? A solved puzzle is provided as a starting point and the readers are asked to solve another similar puzzle.  Working on the cryptic requires sharp thinking and visualizing many steps ahead. It raises the mental level of readers to process a lot of information and serving its purpose.

Paragraph Puzzle

A paragraph containing factual information is provided and along will it a crossword will also be attached. The paragraph will contain detailed information regarding a particular context, it can be a scientific fact or a sport or about some popular character. Interpreting this information from paragraph one has to solve the crossword puzzle. This is a really nice way of improving the reading comprehension skill in kids and also inculcate the habit of reading silently. The crosswords followed by the paragraph force the kid to pay that extra attention for every line or word that one might superficially read over.

Color the PatternColor Pattern

A sketch of an artwork is provided in the magazine and users are asked to color it with their imaginations. They can also share photographs of their panting and win prizes that we announce in the magazine itself. Apart from these, coloring and painting will develop motor skills in a young child. According to the National Institute of Health, these skills are considered quite important.  They play a vital role in a child’s mental and physical development.

We make sure that kids do not have to wait until the second issue for the right answer. Answers to all the puzzles are provided at the end of the children magazines for easy reference. However, our young readers wait for the next issue and ask for more.

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“The beautiful thing about learning is nobody can take that away from you” – B.B. King

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