It is a well-known fact that children look up to adults and also at times try to It is easy to witness a young child imitate his/her favourite superhero after watching a couple of his shows. Kids dream of becoming a pilot or a scientist or an athlete after exposing themselves to such personalities either in person or through virtual media. The real question is what is the reason behind all these activities? The secret is entirely hidden inside the term ‘Role model’. Indeed positive role models can impact a child’s lives in a great way.

Setting up goals through role models

The success of an individual can be As we all know that long-term goals are a part of internal emotion and it should be developed from a very young age. As we discussed earlier, kids look up to their role models and will try to replicate their role. Why not tap this nature and use it to groom your kid for better? When your child is exposed to positive personalities like doctors, scientists or any one of their interest, it is possible to create an internal urge in your child. It is highly likely that your kid will finally wish to become so and will also strive hard to achieve it.

Learning social values through role models

It is mandatory for an individual to be aware of all the moral and social values and it is important to abide them. As a parent, it is extremely difficult to feed the into your child. Why can’t we just use the role model concept? Yes, we can, a child imitating a particular role model is not limited only to their external factors, and children will also of their role model. So the real task is to make your child admire personalities who have a strong hold over their ethical values.

Role models will make your child’s life much easier.

It is like already giving the answer key and then conducting an exam.

Having a role model will also help in factors like emotional understanding, motivation, decision making and much more.

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