Role Model For Kids – Kid or adult, everyone has a role model in his/her life. Some of them are celebrities, some are our relatives and for some, they are people around them.

However, adults don’t get influenced on a larger scale, kids do. Kids tend to replicate behavior and nuisance from their idols.

A good role model will have great benefits for your kid. A bad one will leave trails of disappointments on its path.

Kids can choose role models and companies on their own without knowing. As an adult and a parent, it’s your responsibility to help them choose the better one.

“Empathy, listening, patience, cooperation, positive communication and interaction, conflict resolution, respect, courtesy, manners, gestures, eye contact, humility and humour. These are the qualities that make you a good role model.” – Mark Grace

How to shape your kids better

Try to be their role models: –

Kids look up to their parents primarily as their role models and idols. A kid will copy almost everything from its parents. Habits, behavior and even tone of talking would seldom be copied. Try to be a better version of yourself every day for the sake of your kid.

Introduce them to positive aspects: –

A negative surrounding will never have a positive effect, not on adults and not on kids. Improve and enhance their surroundings and vibe around them.

Alternative role models: –

Whenever you are not there for your kids to look up to, who takes the charge? Television and digital content. Make sure the content and channel they watch are friendly and polite. Characters in cartoon shows can be violent and rude, filter the content for them.

Notify them of good and bad role models: –

  • A kid might not know the difference between good and bad, you do. You can help them differentiate between both. Help them decide what habits to pick and from who. Make sure to notice the side they are leaning towards.

“The bad role models are everywhere on instagram and snapchat and youtube, the “wholesome” narrow minded anti-intellectual ones, the shady do anything for money/popularity.” – Terra Katchina

  • Friends and company : –

Introduce them to a well-behaved company for them. Not only looking up to adults, but kids learn from following their friends too. A few ice ones won’t hurt the apple of your eye for sure.

A kid has an individuality and firmness of his own character which should never be questioned. But, a heavier influence on his mind by a role model can’t be denied as well.

Influences have occurred when a kid notices and behaves like his role model. More or less, he tries to become a copy of his idol. As a parent, you must showcase positive as well as noble role models to help your child grow more maturely.

The Importance of Role Models for Kids

It is a well-known fact that children look up to adults and also at times try to reciprocate their actions. It is easy to witness a young child imitate his/her favorite superhero after watching a couple of his shows. Kids dream of becoming a pilot or a scientist or an athlete after exposing themselves to such personalities either in person or through virtual media. The real question is what is the reason behind all these activities? The secret is entirely hidden inside the term ‘Role model’. Indeed positive role models can impact a child’s lives in a great way.

Setting up goals through role models for kids

The success of an individual can be interpreted from their goals. As we all know that long-term goals are a part of internal emotion and it should be developed from a very young age. As we discussed earlier, kids look up to their role models and will try to replicate their role. Why not tap this nature and use it to groom your kid for better? When your child is exposed to positive personalities like doctors, scientists or any one of their interest, it is possible to create an internal urge in your child. It is highly likely that your kid will finally wish to become so and will also strive hard to achieve it.

Learning social values through role models

It is mandatory for an individual to be aware of all the moral and social values and it is important to abide them. As a parent, it is extremely difficult to feed the importance of these values into your child. Why can’t we just use the role model concept? Yes, we can, a child imitating a particular role model is not limited only to their external factors, and children will also inhibit the habits and characteristics of their role model. So the real task is to make your child admire personalities who have a strong hold over their ethical values.

Role models will make your child’s life much easier.

It is like already giving the answer key and then conducting an exam.

Having a role model will also help in factors like emotional understanding, motivation, decision making and much more.

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