Negative Effects of Technology on Children

Negative Effects of Technology on Children – Technology has taken today’s generation by storm and it is pretty positive that will keep on doing so. The valid utilization of the internet and gadgets is lessening day by day and the only thing we can focus on is how technology has helped us develop and evolve as humans.

We agree that there are numerous positive things to be said about kids using technology, but like all things, it has its downsides. There are a number of drawbacks of children using technology today.

These range from small problems to big problems, however, all are of equal importance and all of them deserve equal attention.

Effects of Kids Using Technology

  • Makes them slothful: –Technology has an enormous influence on learning and with this, children are becoming over-reliant on technology and become slothful.
  • Not everything online is true: –These days, for schoolwork and projects, children are getting all their information from computers. Although the internet is correct a lot of the time, there are statements that suggest that there is also a lot of false information on the internet.

This also puts forward the impression that children are moving away from the old, traditional way of studying which has proven to be not only more successful but also healthier for the mind.

  • Effects health and body growth: –From a very young age, health and fitness are vital for kids. However, with a huge increase in the use of technology, more screen time is the enemy of physical exercise and growth rate of the body. This has a huge influence on a child’s health and well-being and means that they are not getting the exercise they should be getting.

Creativity in kids Suffer because of too much Technology

A massive part of the development of young children is creativity.

A child’s creative instinct can be greatly reduced with technology. Earlier generations have used their imagination to advance their creativity, however; now with the assistance of the internet, kids are simply looking anything and everything up and therefore, are not using their creative mind to its full volume.

This may not seem like a huge problem now, but our future, as well as the kid’s future, depending on the creativity of brains.

It makes their homework suffer

In my experience, I have come across the lack of creativity of kids around me. Technology has dragged them down to write essays and book reports that are horribly influenced by the internet. Improper grammar and annoyingly over-simplified words catch the attention of the reader, thanks to the internet.

Tips for Parents: –

Be a homework partner sans internet: – Parents must read their kids work and compare their linguistic skills with the vocabulary written by them on the paper. This will be a great move in the overall development of kids and the betterment of society. There could be a lot done under parents’ nose, kids are actually clever.

Develop their social skills: – Kids today are beginning to lose touch with their social skills. The reason for this is technology. Most children today have some form of device or gaming console which seems to have taken over their lives. It is vital for kids to interact with people physically from a very young age but technology is interfering with this and it causes a number of negative effects as a result, such as the expansion of bad social skills.

Drift them apart from video games: –Popular technology such as video games and devices that are intended to amuse people and isolate kids lead to negative and harsh social skills and it may also lead to health problems for children as they grow up.

Check on their manners and etiquettes: –Another problem very noticeable in children today is the lack of manners and etiquette. Nowadays children have their heads stuck in whatever device they may have whether it is a ‘Nintendo ds’ or an ‘Xbox’. It is a known fact nowadays that families find it difficult to remove their child from a games console/device, especially when there are visitors

It can, therefore, be said that there a lot of cons that come with children using modern technology and it is believed that these problems will only get worse as we explore into the future.

“Technology is improving lives in soo many ways. But this same technology can also be used to harm people. Technology is not the problem here. The problem is and has always been the people using the technology.” – Okey Chima, Assistant Network Engineer

Things to keep in mind: –

  1. The caliber of your kid: –Technology has dragged our kids down to a level lower than their caliber. Kids are capable of achieving great heights and maybe the technology in their hands, which we think as a boon; is actually making them slower and lazier.
  2. Social skills suffer: –The social skills of kids get affected, they know how to type 80 words per minute while chatting, but when it comes to talking face to face, they lose their charm.
  3. The lack of trying: –The creative instinct and imagination prowess suffer a lot when technology comes in handy. The ease of getting everything by a click makes the kid stop trying and finding new ways to get it.

However, instantly detaching them from gadgets might not be a good idea, it will call repulsion.

  1. Don’t snatch everything right away: –Slowly and steadily take them outside and help them learn the natural ways to solve problems and help them grow insightful of things they commonly see on the internet, like new animals and famous places.

This is the most sensible solution to have your kids grow normally and not addicted to screens, which does more harm than good.

Let’s keep in mind that technology has blessed us with things we couldn’t imagine, it has given us more than we asked for. The debt we owe to the modern tech is higher than we know, the only way to pay it rightfully is to use it responsibly.

Alec Cawley who is a software engineer and holds a physics degree believes

“Nothing is an unmixed blessing. Without the car, we would not have urban pollution. If we didn’t have long haul jets, they could not be shot down. Without modern medicine, we would not have population pressure. But, on average, the positive effects outweigh the negative ones many, many times over.”

The effects of technology in a negative light will always highlight themselves when it comes to our children.

A routine time is enough to let them familiarize with technology but when it comes to it being a habit which resumes throughout the day, it’s a scenario to get worried.

The things that tech impacts in a kid are crucial in growing years, and let’s face it, no parent wants to compromise on that.

“Getting information off the Internet is like taking a drink from a fire hydrant” – Mitchell Kapor

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