Meet Gorgo, the monster that resides in the moot, formerly called “The Thing”, and isn’t behaving normally. He’s moaning and refusing to eat food! It is deduced by Grandma Gcypt that Gorgo’s in love with Blobbina, a monstrous Horrorwood actress! But when Creepella writes a letter about Gorgo’s love for Blobbina and tells Billy to take it to her, Blobbina is nowhere to be found! Creepella takes the help of the mysterious Mr. M, an expert on monsters to find out where Blobbina is. Mr. M sends her a message saying she’s in Nightmare Pack, an abandoned amusement park. She then rescues Billy from an extremely boring tea party and sets off to Nightmare Park. In Nightmare Park, they see many strange rides like the dark forest; the black lake and the upside down merry go round. They find another clue from Mr. M, which leads them into a room at the top room of a creepy castle. At the centre of the room is a casket in which a strange creature is trapped. Without hesitation, Creepella opens the casket ….

By Geronimo Stilton

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