Children are prone to grasp content as soon as they encounter it, hence it is extremely important to be selective in what form of information or message reaches your young kid. Undoubtedly kid’s magazine is a great way to . But is not a wise decision to blindly believe that all the kid’s magazine out their will provides quality content. So the real question is how should a magazine for my kid? There are certain points that one much take care of before choosing a magazine, lets us discuss what they are in details.

Ease of readability

Most of the kid’s magazine forgets that their magazine’s readers are kids who are aged between 6 to 14 years. The content and the language that has to be used in a kid’s magazine should be age appropriate. If certain difficult vocabularies are used then a clear explanation of the same should be given in the magazine so that the kid can relate those and can also improve his/her linguistic skills.

Help in academic excellence

There is no point in arguing when we speak about academic excellence. It is important for a child to excel in academics, and a kid’s magazine should act as a supporting factor or the same. The magazine should incorporate concepts that relate to mathematics, science, social studies and other academic factors so that the child will experience ease in understanding his/her curriculum.

Improve cognitive skills

Cognitive skills play an important role in the development of a child. These are the core factor that a child should possess in order to. Certain activities such as colouring, crosswords, anagram etc., will improve the mental and physical skill of the child.

There are only a few magazines out there that include all these aspects in designing their content. One such magazine is Squizzl that is filled will a pool of addictive and informative content. The and prepare him/her for better future.

Increase creativity

Who doesn’t want to be creative? Creativity is not an incident that can emerge any time rather it is a trait that has to be developed. It is simple to develop this trait from the early stages of childhood as it is much easier for a child’s brain to collect and reciprocate things. Since a child is going to spend some amount of time with a magazine, it should definitely be capable to .

Helps to develop essential skills

Decision making, problem-solving, analytical and critical thinking are called as essential skills. In order to have a calm and peaceful life, these skills are really essential. Labyrinth, puzzles, and mazes help to develop these skills in the young child.

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