Importance of Games in Child Development – Games and kids are inseparable. You leave a kid with friends and soon they’ll start playing. A general wish for a kid is to make the whole world a playground and let them play day and night. Playing games is the way kids learn and enjoy at the same time. Perhaps this is the way nature meant for the human kind and we added formality to it. Even as adults playing games make us feel free from all the stress and pressures. Playing after some long gap makes us feel rejuvenated and energized. The next few days we experience a sense of happiness and fit.

John L. Miller, Father of a 7-year-old only child says

“Even simple games can be rewarding, fun, and developmentally significant for children.”

Playing contributes to the overall growth of children and contributes to physical, cognitive, social and emotional health and development. Parents, especially in metro find it difficult to provide playing opportunity for their kids. Let’s look at a few reasons to provide the same:

Get here some Importance of Games in Child Development

Games help in confidence-building

Children get a sense of achievement from playing. You’ll see a recognizable personality development and shades of a confident man in children who play regularly.

Feel loved, happy and safe

Kids know how much parents care for their wishes when you take them to play with friends and this makes them happy. They are able to venture out freely outside their homes make them feel safe and at ease, unlike some people who are a skeptic of the outside world.

“It’s important for children to play things they enjoy. It’s important to have available a wide variety of opportunities, including games, for kids to try out so they can discover new things they enjoy.” – Joyce Fetteroll

Develop social skills, language, and communication

Games make kids social and improve their communication skills too. After all, you have to interact with others and play in teams. This bonds and teaches you how we deal with friends and work in teams socially. The language also improves subsequently.

Caring for others and the environment

Games make you compassionate and connect with the environment. Children learn the value of a clean park or play area and look for one when they go for games. A small teaching of maintaining the parks inculcates a sense of ownership of the environment and a bigger outlook.

Develop physical skills

This is the best part of playing games and requires no explanation. The skills and strength of children increase remarkably when they play and consume food accordingly. Children who are not able to spend sufficient amount of time playing show slower progress in skills and strength.

Games are an important part of the growth of kids and parents should make sure they get their daily dose of games. This part of their life should never be sacrificed for anything else.

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