Ghost Pirate Treasure – Billy wakes up one day to find his backyard riddled with holes. Being the ‘scared mouse’ he is, he freaks out and asks his great-great-great uncle, William Squeakspeare about the holes in the backyard. William Squeakspeare tells him that they are descendants of lady Squeakspeare, who was loved by Morgan Darkwhisker, who left her a treasure of solid old! Convinced that someone is out to find the treasure of the famous pirate Morgan Darkwhisker, he calls Creepella and Creepella takes Billy to the Shivery arts Academy. First, she takes Billy to Professor Dubtoon, an expert on pirates, and she gets confirmation that the legend that says that Morgan Darkwhisker left lady Squeakspeare a fortune. Creepella then finds out, courtesy of Professor Cleverpaws that someone else is after the treasure and that they must find it first! The hunt begins ….

Book Review by Anant Dimri

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