Creative Activities for Kids – The latest Steve Wozniak quote, “Indians lack creativity” has made rounds over the internet recently. Some agree some don’t, but no one can neglect the potential truth in his quote.

We do lack creativity in some context, we may have the eastern Silicon Valley but we still lack artistic prowess.


Maybe because the roots of our upbringing are mostly based on the career our parents chose for us, or the society made us opt.

We may live successful lives now but we can’t be creative in our fields, because no one made us opt for creativity and innovation.

Methods to get your kids creative

  • Not giving them a blank paper to draw or write

Think about it, if you are given a blank paper and then asked to draw something or write about something, how much time will you take to decide and then draw? Give them objectives, goals, and tutorials to follow and learn, then leave them alone and let their inner creator rise.

  • Resources in abundance

Ample resources create ample possibilities which result in a better craft. Providing your kid’s resources and help can often lead to a more developed thinking process and mental creativity.

  • Controlling your expectations

Never cage your kids in your expectations; they are not even in their teen years yet. Being a parent is a tough task but being a friend isn’t. Try being a friend and dig out the inner artist in your kid

  • Encouraging the results

To be fair results from mirror efforts. But, when it comes to kids; results are not always reliable. Big or small, broad or minuscule, results are results. Judging your kids’ first attempt might to be justice. Encouragement and practice are all it’s going to take.

“Kids are born thinking out of the box. If you want to see a kid get creative, my suggestion is to give them a handful of toys or other materials, along with an interesting problem to solve, and plenty of time and sincere attention.” – Hannah Yang ( Yale University )

Advantages Of A Creative Mind & Creative Activities for Kids

  • Better problem-solving skills: –A problem is always solved best when it is solved with creative methods. While most people consider something insolvable or difficult, a creative mind breaks the shackles.
  • Visions for a lifestyle:A sharp and artistic mind finds beauty in almost everything it sees. A positive outlook for certain things, such as life can be game-changing.

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