Bad habits in Kids – Eradicating might be a strong word to use, but what it represents is steering your kid clear from rash habits.

Bad habits, foul behavior can be excused but not overlooked. Kids are very influential and impressionable, bad habits rub off better than good manners most of the time.

Teaching good etiquettes leads to nothing if there is a foul impression on your kids. Asking them right away might not be a good approach to eliminate such impressions.

The loudness of your approach towards kids might fight them for a long time. This results in introverted behavior and bottled up emotions.

Being too calm about such situations might be taking things too lightly and cause much more damage.

How to identify bad behavior

  • Notice frequent changes in their routine: –The first impression to catch the glance of bad behavior is a change of routine. Pushing sleep schedule and delaying routine activities are prominent signs.
  • Sudden changes in their voice or way of talking: –Have they become impolite? Have they started debasing someone intentionally? Chances are, they have some bad influences on them.
  • Table manners or the way they follow rules or norms: – Ignoring table rules or norms in general life is the red signal when it comes to parenting. Make sure to teach them little by little about norms, refresh their young brain from time to time.
  • Rooting and favoring bad influences more than good ones: – young minds are fragile; they don’t know what’s good and what’s not. But, if they intentionally follow or root for the bad way, have a little talk with them.

Finding the source

“Most of what children learn they learn at home. As they grow and spend more time away from home, the balance begins to shift. It’s possible to learn good or bad behaviors anywhere, but since the children go home every day, the parents have the opportunity to discourage bad behavior.” – Nancy Schneck, former RN at Retired

  • Maybe a friend or an impolite supervision: – In most cases, there’s a friend. Who has fallen for a dire company or under bad mature supervision, it’s never the friends’ fault.
  • Opinionated by digital content: – Movies and intense cartoon show shape kids minds more than people around them. An advised content for kids can do no harm, but nothing alike can be said for the inappropriate content.
  • The world around them: –Parents and the conditions at home play a key role in shaping the kids’ mind. Children use to pick up manners and vocabulary from their parents. A bad situation at home would reflect on the kid.

Eliminating bad habits is not a job for a single day.  It will take time, patience and immense influencing on your children.

Snatching them away from all the bad sources might lead to resentment and more foul behavior. Drifting your kids gradually apart from every bad source is the way to do it right.

Make sure you teach your kids the difference between good and bad.

To know the difference makes all the difference.

Love, patience, good surroundings and gentleness are the methods here. Nothing else.

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