10 Lines on Good Habits – Good habits start early and hence it is important to teach them to kids. Not just infusing these good habits but also the very reason why they should follow them and stay away from bad habits and influence. Kids copy their surroundings and particularly the parents really well and you have to be a role model for them when it comes to good habits. If you go for a morning walk or exercises daily, your kids would surely love to come with you. If you eat healthy food and avoid junk, they too would do this.

“Children see their parents day in and day out – learning mannerisms, habits, language and almost everything they do in front of them.  So it is natural that their habits are influenced by their parents.” – Ashwin Chandrasekaran

Below are some of the good habits that you might want in the kids at the early ages and plan accordingly:

10 Lines on Good Habits

Eating Habits

This is the first good habit you should work on. What you eat is what you are. Avoid junk and fast foods and teach them the reason they should go for veggies. The kids are also influenced by the junk food their classmates and friends eat or talk about. So you might want to make a home version of these foods to ensure the kids do not have the guilt of missing out on such food.

Teach them table manners

This is something people miss out on and should be a part of every upbringing. Teach the kids how to sit and behave while dining and the sense of responsibility that they should place their plates back in the sink. Also, teach them not to waste any food. These good manners will be very helpful when they grow up and their behavior would be a shining example of the value system you provided in them.

Brushing twice a day

Kids are very vulnerable to teeth decay and are lazy to brush it twice. You need to make it a sports kind of work for them and not a punishment or exercise. If required, provide them with treats like a nice story after they have brushed the teeth or their favourite breakfast the next day.

Teach them to clean the mess

Parents normally clean the mess the kids create and things go back to normal. Instead, the kids should be taught to clean the mess and make things tidy. This would make them think twice before they create the mess again and the habit will slowly seek in.

You also need to teach them not litter in public places and how they should throw the wrappers and other garbage in dustbins.

Say “Please “ and “Thank you”

These words get all the work done with ease and also express gratitude and humbleness in kids.

Sleep on time

This is very much required since the kids have to go to school on time. Imbibe them the habit of sleeping on time for a full day of activity. When kids grow up this habit takes the first hit and slowly all other good habits start to suffer.

Playing Outdoors

Teach them to play outdoors and enjoy nature and greenery. Keep them away from video games and mobiles.

These are some of the good habits you should inculcate in your kids for a good life ahead. Remember, what you teach today is of more importance than anything else they could possibly learn anywhere.

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