Importance of Stories in Child growth – We all have grown up on stories, which we have either read on our own or were narrated by the elders of our family. But how often do we think about the relationship between the activities we do and the stories we have encountered. Ever wondered why your young child is attracted to a particular color or a particular toy?  Stories told to children can impact their behavior and act positively to a larger extent.

“I think they are important. And you don’t have to make up stories, even stories that are not in any way remarkable, like telling your kids you were afraid when you changed schools, it means a lot to them.” – Trausti Thor Johannsson

Researchers have found that the stories a child encounter in their earlier days have a strong influence on their understanding of his society.

Importance of Stories in Child growth

Stories teach moral values

Moral values are the base values that make a person better. We all know that holding up to these values is not a day’s activities but require a prolonged period of time to build it as a habit. A textual cloth has wrapped tales like these. When a young child comes across narrative which deals in morals like ‘sharing is caring’ ‘honest is the best policy’ or ‘truth alone triumphs’, these aspects get registered in his/her mind strongly. This drives the kid to adhere to these principles irrespective of the situation.

Stories develop linguistic skills

Reading stories is a great way to improve a child’s linguistic skills and vocabulary. Remember the kid who highlights the unknown vocabulary in his storybook to later refer the dictionary? This practice will indeed boost one’s hold over the language. The most important aspect to be noted is that the child is learning the language out of interest and not out of force.

Stories help in Understanding emotions

Understanding and respecting others emotions is definitely a milestone in a child’s development. Anecdotes and tales showcase the different emotions, the respective scenario and their accompanied factors.

Anger control is the best example.

They depict the context where each of the emotions will hold a particular value towards it. This makes a child to understand these emotions in a simpler fashion.

Stories show the importance of knowledge and skills

Importance of Stories in Child growth – Every parent’s dream is to see their child excel in academics and hence they strive hard to make their child gather some potential skills alongside.

The most important thing to remember is that skills should never be force-taught.

Your child will attain the essential skills.  Fables that revolve around science, mathematics and other subjects will also motivate children. They help them to involve and master their respective academic content.

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