The von Cacklefurs have a visitor! Franco Fangley a vampire, who was Grandpa Frankenstein’s childhood friend, has come to ask for help. Apparently, his castle, castle Maxinara, located at the foot of vampire peak, and has been infested by strange shadows that resemble ghosts and monsters! Creepella, Shivereen, Billy and Grandpa Frankenstein all come to help. Grandpa Frankenstein also brings his newest invention, the Bag of Pesky Little Monsters, also known as B.P.L.M. On the way to castle Maxinara, Creepella picks up Billy from Squeakspeare Mansion. They all go to the beautiful castle Maxinara, covered with snow. When they begin to explore it, they find mysterious clues – a secret passage, a gramophone, a sheet and so on. Creepella, after much thought figures out the identity of the ghost. She hurries to Franco’s room, where a ghost is now threatening Franco. She grabs the sheet that covers the ghost and throws it back ….

By Geronimo Stilton

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