How Labyrinth Improves Skills of Kids – Mazes and Labyrinth have a sense of mystery and grandeur around them. I personally respect them for the complexity of them. More complex the puzzle is greater will be the respect. As a kid, I would spend a good amount of time-solving them.  As an adult, I might not be able to spend that much time on board puzzles and labyrinth but solve real-life ones. I spend hours solving the work-life problems in my head trying different permutations and combinations. The speed of solving them and vision of results I might land with before I actually embarked on undoubtedly comes from the puzzles I had solved as a kid. Every birthday party that I am invited to my favorite gifts is normally the puzzle books or even an annual subscription for such magazines.

Let’s look at some of the reasons how mazes and puzzles improve skills of kids:

How Labyrinth Improves Skills of Kids

Visual Perception

With the puzzles and labyrinth your skill of connecting the dots and forming a big picture develops. You start seeing the big scenario and not just a part of it allows you to take command of the whole situation. This visual perception also helps you to develop motor skills. Games like jigsaw puzzles, labyrinth are few examples so of many that work in this direction.

Labyrinth builds confidence

Solving puzzles give you a sense of achievement and from there confidence which does wonders in early years. The boost in self-esteem and the feeling that you are better than your friends when it comes to using your brain impacts the academic performance of students too as per research. Parents should start by providing the kids with simple basic puzzles and labyrinth at first and then increase the difficulty level. Soon the kids would start asking for more difficult ones and once they develop the taste for this.

Motor control

Mazes require kids to move their pencils in a particular direction without hitting the walls or going back. Kids can start working on these puzzles with fingers first and then pencil and then a removable marker to boost conviction in their steps. The kids soon realize that the exercise requires patience and not to rush through. These games help in developing legible handwriting and letter formation.

Faster Thinking

The thing about mazes is that you need to work on various options and that too quickly. Hence the urge to think fast and all the way to the result. Faster thinking develops the analytics skills too as one knows the result of a particular action through experience and observation. This helps the students in subjects like science and mathematics where the amount of thinking and processing required is comparatively higher than other subjects.

Out of the box thinking

How Labyrinth Improves Skills of Kids – That is the best part of the puzzles kids take back and no other form of activity could ever replace it. Soon you realize that the normal ways of working are useless. Then you have to come with something more creative and unique which might not be so visible to your eyes. This out of box thinking is closely associated with creativity. It helps in everyday life which we will touch upon in some other article. The out of box thinking skill makes the kids smart and quick in approach and differentiates them from others.

The list of benefits one could get from solving puzzles is endless and has been backed by strong research throughout the world. The best part is that the kids love them and connect with it. If parents participate in the puzzles, the games become more engaging and fun for them. The Squizzle World provides similar puzzles and games through its monthly magazine. They are priced at INR 360 for half yearly subscription and INR 660 for the annual subscription. You can get a free copy to sample the magazine by providing your contact details and they will be shipped to your address for free.

So happy reading folks go for it and see your kids fall in love with them.

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