Parents Role in Education of Child – Parents due to their busy schedule and sometimes due to lack of awareness rely mostly on schools and classrooms to educate their kids. The education system in India has its own way of doing business and may not be adequate for the education of learning. Even if it was, different approaches will still help kids. Kids love the variety and subtle-ness in approaches are fun for them. Teach them the old school way by sitting on benches and listening to lectures, you won’t be able to hold their attention. Instead, try teaching through stories and you might become their best friend. So, how to go about it?

Teacher and Parents Role in Education of Child

Learning through Engagement

Yes. Engage them in any way and they will be a good sport. Try solving a puzzle or labyrinth or even drawing and they will be able to happy work with you. Doing such activities also makes them obedient and respectful as the bonding improves with quality time.

Learning through informational reading

Reading non-fiction to kids arise interest in a world outside their textbook and their outlook also increases. Soon they pick up a field which holds their interest for long and they develop a liking for it. Informational reading also improves the reading habit of students and helps in academics.

Education through movies 

Movies are a great source of inspiration for kids and can bring in drive to achieve something great and strive for it. For example, October sky, In search of Bobby Fischer or even based on tinkle can be a good starting point. You might also want to have a look at historic movies or even science fiction based.

Learning through discussions

Talk to them about current topics and ask for their opinion on issues. You can start with environment-related issues and how they can be a help in it. Although you might not be looking for a solution as such the discussion will teach the kids a lot and you might even make this a regular exercise. In end, ask them to find about more on the topic through books and magazines or even the internet. A small initiative like this and the knowledge of the kid grow by leap and bound.

Subtle education through volunteering

Ask your kids to volunteer for social or and neighborhood activity. This helps them develop social skills and overcome their shyness if they have any. A sense of achievement at the end of the activity will keep them looking for more. These activities teach them to work in a team and also get a closure look at how big activities are conducted in the outside world. Soon, you might see a changed kid during festival or occasions in the home where they will provide more than a helping hand. You will see a responsible kid.

Relying simply on school-based learning might not be the right way to go about educating your children. New ways and styles will make learning fun and a good bonding process. Leveraging this you can even place more emphasis on academics too. The Squizzle World magazine is one such way to provide education to kids through alternative ways. A monthly magazine for kids between the ages of 2-12 it provides a myriad of puzzles, quizzes, and activities to keep them engaged. It is appreciated by parents, scholars and above all the students who have found it to be very interesting.

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