Kids Interests and How to glorify them?

How to Find Your Child Talent – Children are like planets, almost similar but vaguely different. Kids exude their own interests in their own way, all that is needed is support to flower that hobby into a lifestyle or a nurturing mechanism.

A hobby or an interest provides a strong base to help your kid develop skills and techniques to enhance his/her own individuality with little or no help from parents or any adult. You might think that the painting your kid drew is “cute” but you have to see beyond that.

“For a young child, “talent identification” is crucial. Talent development can occur in tandem but it is more important right now to been the keenest observer you can be on your child’s natural proclivity toward specific skills.” – Jane Chin

  • Is isolation okay?

It’s okay if your kid loves isolation and prefers to be silent rather than being loud and making his presence known to others. Every kid is unique, and uniqueness is a very generic and subjective term at the same time. Some kids might be good in academics, some may excel sports and the most common … some might love to stroke a paintbrush on a canvas with messy water colors.

  • Don’t get your hopes up

The thing is, they are busy doing their own activity and parents should rather see the development of the skills through those activities than judging them and

Pushing them to do certain tasks is also not a good idea. Creativity never comes out when challenged. Most importantly, it’s not critical for a kid to choose a career based on his/her interests, but you will get that once the time is right.

There are techniques parents learn with time to enhance the exact creativity prowess in their kids, we’ll save you some time and list them for you right away.

Here are the ways you can Identify your Kids Actual Interest:

  1. Interest in writing: – A kid, who likes to read and write, might do well in academics. However, it’s not necessary. Pulling his interests and making the vibe around him, peaceful and motivated would be the perfect tool.
  2. Kid the builder: -Did your kid ever request a mechanical set building box? Did he enjoy playing with it? Does he still play with it with full focus? If yes, then distracting the kid with floral nature and heavy books might not be a good idea. Let him enjoy building and breaking stuff, he likes that, he enjoys that. His interest is in reshaping objects, not turning phrases into poems.
  1. Dancing includes exercising: – Everyone loves to dance, in front of a crowd or alone. If the beats of songs make your kids’ feet tap, encourage him to dance more. Expressing through dance is a very nurturing thing as a human being. A playful activity with both mental and physical benefits.
  2. Little Picasso loves the paintbrush: – Drawing, perhaps the most common thing in all of our childhood. Drawing is the noblest way of creation, and everyone knows that when little fingers hold crayons, magic happens. It’s preferred by most of the children, just rubbing the crayons down to a nub and drawing jumbled lines. Call that jumbled piece of art an abstract painting and you’ve got yourself a little Picasso.
  3. Activities out of the blues: – Many kids enjoy roaming around, okay, all of them enjoy that. But, a leisure activity to be taught in that free time is quite a fantastic idea. Planting trees, feeding pets and teaching how to organize things are the favored activities. They are not technically ‘interests’ but they help a great deal making your child grow mentally.

The Points to Remember: –

  1. Don’t make interests some criteria: – Interests or hobbies should not be treated as some criteria for judging the knowledge of your kid or choosing a career path. This is harmful for the creative prowess in the long run.
  2. Parents should ignore the way the activity is performed: – Learning the values that hobbies and interests bring in your child’s life is an important task. Precisely more important than the way that activity is being performed.
  3. Don’t challenge them to execute their interests: – Kids shouldn’t be challenged or asked to perform their hobbies and interests, they perform best when the mood strikes.
  4. The boon of hobbies: – Activities they love today are going to benefit their tomorrow. That’s inevitable.
  5. Don’t pressurize: – Notice the interest of your kid in which he/she has a flare for, but still, don’t pressurize them to do in only that one particular direction.
  6. Strictly NO COMPETITION: – Interests and creativity never kneel in front of ‘competition’. They sparkle in their own unique way, let that happen.

A hobby is something natural, interests are the activities kids find joy inside. Parents should keep themselves miles away before they start to conquer their kid’s interests.

Keeping everything above in mind can help you be a better parent and most crucially, will help your kid grow wholly.

“The easiest way to discover talents and interests of a children between 4- 12 years, is to ask them and observe aka Parenting by listening. However parents may do this everyday, but they are still limited to understand what truly drives their children’s interests.” – Aakriti Singhal, Project Manager at The 1thing Culture 

Just keep them out of harm’s way and let them nurture themselves when it comes to finding a path to discover their hobby.

It’s the natural thing to do, and who knows, maybe supporting your kid’s painting will make you a better painter, or a dancer for that matter.

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