Educational Magazines For Kids – The two words Squirrel and puzzle come together to form the title of The Squizzle World, an educational kids magazine. You may ask why squirrel? It is because squirrel tends to have the highest intelligent quotient among all its fellow members in the animal kingdom. The sole purpose of the educational kid’s magazine is to provide age-appropriate puzzles and activities for the kids and thus increasing their intelligent quotient.

The Squizzle World is an educational monthly magazine for kids consisting of puzzles, art and craft activities, riddles, miscellaneous activities, and brain teasers. It is a proven fact that children who are exposed to challenging puzzles and activities at a very early age tend to develop 5 times more brain/memory power when compared to those who are not.

The Following Material Comes With the Educational Magazines For Kids


It is the process required to arrange jumbled letters to form a meaningful word. Solving anagram improves vocabulary and linguistic skills.


Also called brain teasers. It grooms observatory and analytic skills. Most importantly solving riddle improves brain function.

Pattern search

This activity is all about seeing a visual and keeping its hold in the memory at least until it is matched with its pair. Eventually, doing so will gradually improve the memory power of the kid.

Word search

Locating and framing a meaningful word from a pool of unrelated and unorganized letters will obviously strengthen your child’s hold over the English language.

Puzzle grid

Analyzing and pondering solutions for a Jig-saw puzzle taps the same nerve in the brain as that of doing meditation. Solving a puzzle grid will boost concentration power.


Researchers say that solving crosswords help to ward off dementia and Alzheimer. In addition, they also keep your child get away from stress and thus improve his/her presence of mind.

Interesting facts

Curiosity is always a need for growing children. Interesting facts are designed in such a way that it evokes a sense of curiosity in your child.

Phrases and Idioms

If there is a way to teach your child life skills and moral etiquettes without spending much time yet leaving a greater impact is by introducing him/her to idioms and phrases.

Number puzzle

Getting hold of algebraic calculations at an early stage is an important breakthrough. Number puzzles, if solved regularly improve your child’s mathematical ability.


It is a part of art and craft activity. It helps in developing motoring skills and decision-making ability.


Solving a maze helps your child to develop problem-solving skill and executing functioning skill. As planning various strategies is a part of their due course it keeps them active throughout the phase.

Animal and plant kingdom

Knowing about flora and fauna in-turn improves your child’s general knowledge and gives a sense of liking towards his/her environment.

To be precise, the puzzles and activities in The Squizzle World as a whole provide the entire skill set required by the kid to enhance himself both physically and mentally. So if you are a parent of an 8-12-year-old child, subscribe to the Educational Magazines For Kids  The Squizzle World thus equipping your kid with the necessary skills to be ahead of the crowd.

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