Ways to Improve your Child’s Education – “Less effort, more knowledge” this is what every parent aspires for their child’s education. This can be easily achieved; all you have to do is implement a smart strategy. Let’s put it this way, does your child watch cartoons? Does your child browse the internet and watch videos? your child colors?  does the child play?

Let’s capitalize on all these factors and use it for good. In literal sense let’s try to incorporate a teaching/ knowledge building aspect in every one of them.

“To really improve the quality of primary education, we should turn around our primary sections into learning centric play areas, well designed activity rooms which inspire and excite the child to explore different facets of early learning.” – Puneet Goyal, works at iDream Education

Below given are two easiest yet important aspects to groom your child’s education:

Ways to Improve Your Child’s Education

Online education

In this technological booming era, everything a common man wants is available online. In the same sense, online education is improving its way out so as in the upcoming times it may even beat the conventional method of teaching. When looked at a parent’s perspective online education has plenty of benefits like lower education cost, a wider variety of course and in-fact accessibility with ease.

But it is our duty to look at the advantages in the perspective of the child as it should make the child indulge in the curriculum. Studying using online medium will allow them to sense it as a leisure time rather than a study time. Watching an education video will act in their mind in the same way as watching an entertainment video. Therefore, they can invest more time in learning using online medium rather than the conventional method of learning. Anyhow the ultimate need is to expose the kid to maximum knowledge.

“Start investing more in technical and practical education as compared to theoretical education.” – Sneha Singh

Kid’s magazine

Building creativity is a part of the learning process. The question is how will I provide my child with a creative way of learning? Kids magazines provide interesting facts, creative tasks, riddles and even jokes which will initiate an urge in your child to learn more. Let’s look at how a kid’s magazine will help your child to learn with ease.

Analytic learning

Most of the children’s magazines include a good variety of challenging activities that can develop their analytical, logical and comprehension skills. Bits and trivia included in most magazines can work wonders on your kids’ general knowledge and will have a huge impact on improving their memory too.

Interest building

Kids magazines, in general, build its article in a way as it has to build curiosity in its reader. This will drive your kid to learn more about a specific fact. Even a simple visual image in a kid’s magazine will contain a lot of interesting curiosity driving aspects. Just imagine how these will act in your kid’s brain.

Spending more time

In general, kids spend more time doing activities when compared to idly sitting and reading a book full of texts. Kid’s magazine contains a lot of activities like coloring, solving puzzles and many other interesting activities. These would eventually force your child into spending more time. For example- a coloring activity takes an hour to complete and if your child has started to do one, they would make sure that they complete it. This initiates a habit and interest in your child to concentrate on a particular aspect for a longer period of time.

Finding interest

Many parents, sometimes even teachers fail to find out the area of interest of the child. But this is most important as every child possesses the ability to excel in a particular field. These kinds of magazines will help you locate your child’s interest. All you have to do is monitor your child’s activity and locate in which field he/she is spending more of their time. To be more precise, locate the list of activities they are exploring in the magazine voluntarily.

Incorporate fun into your child’s educational method and you yourself will be able to sense the changes that evolve. Obviously, it is you who have to take care of your child’s education. Bring in a change and groom your child for better.

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