Boost Creativity in Children – As a parent, you always want your kids to use their creativity – whether it may be during that painting competition or that clay-making competition. Numerous findings have shown that kids are usually more creative than adults. It is the responsibility of a parent to encourage that creative element in your child.  There are a variety of ways one can foster creativity in children.

4 Ways to Boost Creativity in Children

Provide your kids ample resources

Whether it may be that wonderful magazine or those dance classes, don’t shy away from providing your kids with resources which can boost their creativity. In today’s highly competitive world, much emphasis is placed on academics. Parents often refrain from getting their children the necessary resources to develop creativity in their children.

Give them space

Another common mistake parents make is not allowing their children to be their own true-self rather controlling or commanding them in a hope that it is for the good. As a parent, you should give your children the freedom to explore their surroundings. This might mean letting your kids roam around freely. This might also mean letting your kids try out new things. Stop telling them what to do and let them try out their own methods to cope up with any given situation.

“After having spent more than a quarter of a century exploring creativity, I have in fact come to accept the notion that creativity is an innate skill. That’s to say, we are all born with it.” – Say Keng Lee, Knowledge Adventurer & Technology Explorer

Encourage your children to engage in extra-curricular activities

Hard work outworks talent when talent isn’t working hard. Whether it is dance, painting or any other art form –encourage your children to engage in these activities. This could be a starting point in which your child could possess mastery later on. It is not really necessary that in order to be master in a particular art one has to be born with some kind of unique talent. Virtuosity is a by-product of practice and consistency. If you truly want your child to excel at any given art form, you have to encourage him/her to practice the same. Even many Top-class artists in every field have re-affirmed this fact.

Give them the freedom to think

These days, most parents just force their thoughts and opinions on their children. This is a common mistake in our society. A rather developed practice is followed in western countries like where most parents let their children assert themselves. They give their children the freedom to disagree with them, argue with them and to voice out their opinion in a strong fashion. This kind of upbringing is crucial in making your kids more creative.

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