Importance of Books for Kids – There’s no explanation needed for the importance of books in our lives. As far as our children are concerned, a brief introduction to the book world is more than necessary.

Books help boost the imaging prowess of children, more than any other medium.

A written format helps kids to imagine and form a scene in their minds. The story is pre-written, but the imagination varies from kid to kid.

Chris Williams a former Retired Teacher says

“Children are learning about their world. Books let them go places they cannot    visit. They can see what you are talking about.”

Movies, songs, and plays spoon feed your children with attractive and ready visuals. The development of imagination and brain cells seize to happen on a larger scale.

Books render the free world of imagination and thoughts, followed by the free will of expressing emotions.

To explain the emotions part further, let’s take an example: –

While watching a movie, your kid is being told to behave a certain way. If it’s a sad scene, the ambiance and background score will suggest the sadness.

Same goes for every other emotion. Kids don’t get to decide what is happy and what is sad. With books, it’s not an issue.

How to introduce them to books

  • Read a bedtime story every night: – A nice bedtime story works in the subconscious and grows onto the kid. Better than any movie watching experience.
  • Hand them an interactive book or magazine to read: – “You give a man a fish, he eats for a day. You teach a man to fish, he eats forever.” Same goes for the introduction of your kid and his first book.
  • Picture books are a great and attractive medium to gather attention: – Kids don’t know the punctuations and dialect of the books that we read. They must be given books with bigger fonts and attractive characters to read. There’s a reason they are called ‘Kids books’.
  • Something cheerful, such as games in a book will help immensely: – The best way kids remember a book is by the puzzles in it. Games and activities in books can help them get the context of the story. A healthy tip as the result at the end of the game is always a major plus.
  • Comic strips with educational topics are sound: – Comics appeal to adults as well, there’s a reason. The story mode in comics is far more interactive and creative. A wide range of artsy and profound characters can help the kids relate themselves.
  • Let them choose their own genre; let them make peace with the format: – Some kids might not like comics; some might not like the regular books, it’s fine. Every kid has a different taste and a different approach. Let them choose their books and get lost in them.

Importance of Books for Kids

  • Reading habit: – A reading habit leaves an impact powerful than you might think. It’s a great mental workout and with interactive art pieces, it doesn’t feel like one.
  • Language Skills: – the very basic technique to learn a language or two is to read a lot. Reading helps you learn new words, phrases and ways to make sentences.
  • Writing skills: – The third pillar and bi-product of books, writing skills. When you have learned the language, read a lot, all that is left is to write. Writing your own version of a story is the exploding of artistic prowess.
  • Thinking and imagining capabilities: – Imagination gets you everywhere, so does reading and thinking about it. The amount of brain development with books and its words is always phenomenal.
  • New Experiences: – Never to judge a book by its cover. Never expecting the end of the story and the clever wordplay of the writer. They all are a result of experience, every magazine and book offers a new world of experience.

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