We all would remember those ecstatic moments when we were lying happily in our parent’s lap and was listening to those soothing bedtime stories. Let the technology attack us with its various improved gadgets, but the age-old culture of reading bedtime stories to your sweet little kid will always remain intact.

5 Benefits of Bedtime Stories for kids

Bedtime Stories strengthen concentration and memory power

The best way to conquer children’s attention is by driving them towards the peak of their curiosity point. What, when, where, why  http://squizzlworld.com/blog/stories/ and how are the words that you can often encounter in bedtime stories.

Make your child tell the summary of the story, or ask him/her logical derivations from the story like what was the moral of the story? What would be your act in a particular context? etc., these kinds of questions will make you listen to the story in a more detailed note and will increase his/her concentration and memory power.

Bedtime Stories gives a strong holdover language

Quality children, magazines use rich vocabularies while designing their stories. Children have a tendency to grasp new words and try to use them in their daily routine.

While reading bedtime stories it is your duty to explain to them the meanings of the new vocab so that they can understand and reciprocate the same.

Most importantly, these stories will also teach your child the English sentence structure and the grammar pattern.

Bedtime Stories develops a bond and love

Reading bedtime stories will provide you with a definite chance to spend some quality time with your child.

Apart from all those intellectual aspects. Love and care is the pillar that ensures that the child becomes a successful individual.

Your child will experience a cozy feeling when you are embracing and reading those beautiful stories to him. And those memorable bedtimes would remain one of his best memory.

Having such kind of bond with parents will make your kid a more confident and positive person.

Bedtime Stories boost creativity and imagination

Curiosity and creativity are mutually inclined with each other. As stories evoke curiosity in young children it will make them initiate their imagination. And it will, in turn, boost their creativity.

“Stories are the best thing the kids love. Parent through good stories can create knowledge and awareness along with special bond of teacher and disciple, which i think is more important then parenting itself.” – Rajesh Nair

Bedtime Stories encourages the love of reading

Hearing stories of a different kind will increase a child’s interest and will make him enter into the world of reading.

Stories are the main aspect that projects to a child that reading is an entertainment medium. This will change their perception towards reading stories and this will evolve through time.

Buy them a children magazine’s subscription and you yourself can witness their change.

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